Useful Links

The United Grand Lodge of England

The UGLE is the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales, and it’s districts overseas. The UGLE website provides great information about Freemasonry in general, and Freemasons’ Hall, the headquarters of the UGLE, Metropolitan Grand Lodge (London), and many individual Freemasons’ Lodges, including the Stone Squarer.

Metropolitan Grand Lodge

London Freemasonry is overseen by the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, which organises events, training, and charitable projects to help London Lodges and their Members.

Masonic Charitable Foundation

In April 2016, the MCF was officially launched as a consolidation of several Masonic Charities that had been operating to provide support for Freemasons and their families, as well as assisting in the more general charitable efforts of Lodges under the UGLE. You can learn more about some of what Masonic charity achieves on their website.