How to Become a Mason

“To Be One Ask One”

In recent years, the phrase “to be one, ask one” has popped up for those enquiring about membership into a Lodge. This sentence might seem a little odd at first, and perhaps even a little obvious on the surface, but it sets out to dispel an old and seldom used tradition; In times past, it was not advised to approach a Freemason, rather it was understood that if a man were to join Masonry, it would be because a Freemason approached him, after due care and consideration and having known him for a number of years.

These days, and with the expanding reach of modern communication, we have long abandoned this practice, and we are keen to be much more approachable and open in our presentation. In this vein, we actively encourage people to approach any known Masons and let us know that you are interested in Freemasonry, and to use resources, such as this website, to Contact Us so that we may guide you through the process of joining the oldest and most honourable fraternity.

Where do we meet?

The Malmesbury Lodge meets at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street (close to Holborn and Covent Garden underground stations).

When/How often do we meet?

The Malmesbury Lodge meets four times a year, in January, March, June, and October (Please see our Events page for details on upcoming meeting dates).

In addition to out Lodge meetings, we hold other events during the year to raise money for charity and to take the opportunity to meet and socialise.

Who can Join?

To join a Lodge under the Constitution of the UGLE, you must be a man of 21 years of age, and you must believe in a Supreme Being.

We use the term “Supreme Being” as we accept people of many faiths, and accept that some may refer to their Creator by a specific name, so this more general title allows us to all meet under the same roof as equals.

Some more information that you might find of assistance in understanding us can be found at the FAQ page.


If you are interested and would like to continue this conversation with us, Contact Us to begin your exciting journey into Freemasonry.